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Ten o'clock, p.m. — Pulse 80; wound looks healthy; mouth

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panied by tenderness to pressure over the infra-orbital or

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practise medicine and surgery in Great Britain and Ireland.

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which house our great business and com- Still, what will the sick do without the

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Gaube, but here the zones are exclusively excitant,

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discharges, in increased doses, till this effect is produced.

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involvement of skin or lymph glands or adhesion (not merely pressure on)

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apex of the heart. The endocardium of the left ventridc

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her destruction was considered advisable. Her captain and creAV

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surement to show low levels ( < 8 to 10 /xg per ml) is useful.

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not much more to be done than to see that the patient empties his bladder,

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recent adhesions of its lower part with costal pleura; no fluid. The lower

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bladder, incontinence and polyuria. Treatment: Restriction

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two extremes of blood-letting and that present opinion is too

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majority of incised wounds, the most frequently useful'means of bringing

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I'resent condition : A woman, aged 4M, with an osseous and uniform

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small letter h has been placed after those surd modifications

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of 36, II in the decade between twenty and thirty, 13 in

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tinguished from the stomach and large intestines. The distance of any

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get another piece from little brother. It choked on that in its mouth. Mother

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fatal. That disease described by Frerichs under the name of acute atrophy

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the observance of certain specified habits and modes of life, in our book

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of the spleen increased, and the liver also began to enlarge. The skin

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to show a soft elastic, often only slightly tender, swelling, which is often

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part or even of the whole of the upper jaw-bone may occur, numerous small

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likely to bring comfort to many sufl'erers. So strongly, indeed,

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tem; but the child did not appear to suffer much pain from

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same type of cells as those found in the malignant growth. The nerve-

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action on peripheral blood vessels resembles that of reserpine, though it is

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lanil, Dubl., 1886, iv, 86-88.— I.ococlc (C.) Infantile gas-

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^\ mpt..nis ,,ne ,,t tuo course- may he tnll,,ued :

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A New Method of DisiNFEcnNa the Hands for Operations. —

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was weak-minded and a descendant of an old family, nor

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