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1806. Infiitution for Invejltgating tie Nature of Cancer. 389
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at the margin of the pylorus and never extends to the duodenum. Le-
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king of England had the extraordinary power of curing
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thickening of the wall associated with reduction of the lumen of the
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the further remark, which is an important one, that there are no special
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1887-96, xviii-xxvii, passim. — Hanson (G. F.) .Some ex-
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In the case of normal blood it has been ascertained that 1 per
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umbilical cord, which is attached nearer to its pelvic than to its
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produced by affections of the heart without rupture,
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there is only a moderate amount of purulent discharge without
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should be widened. Thus we find that Zweifel, Olshansen.
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nomena have been observed in these few cases of sudden
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commencement, may elucidate this class of causes. Many
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of cheeks. A year and a half ago, Dr. P. was called to see a child,
the causes. Diseases of the internal ear, and a large variety of other

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