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     Endowmax Sa

    to remove the glycerol and other impurities. After further filtration followed
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    Less important Asian arrow-poisons ai-e -.-Guatteria veneficum ^IfJ*- f ''""^'^^^
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    As a contrast to your leading article of Saturday last,
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    or nothing, next to malaria, has been made the scape-
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    Mai de Machoire, the French term for the tetanus in children 52 ij
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    nated when in the third month of gestation, she would bear the first child
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    treatment of wounds in their efforts to extent its bene-
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    gard to the Fancher case by the very extravagance and
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    fectly normal convalescence, and I await the result with
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    terwards, in various ways, but chiefly by becoming mixed with
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    to file birth returns in accordance with the vital-statistics law. One was
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    ing materials for the publication of a second edition of
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    3. s., ix, 1005. — Hermet. Application de la mSthode de
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    Such is the ruin wrought in the mitral valve by this de-
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    ligatures coming away by the eighth day, and no harm
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    only for his fame in his profession, but for his domestic happi-
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    as foils to the many and marked virtues and excellen-
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    Dr. Geo. E. Percy, for the past eighteen months associated with Dr. S. M. Cate
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    they converge at the lower end. In the interior organs doub-
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    inch or so inside of the point of focus of the double con-
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    proved ; but surely there are remedies proposed which are not
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    Symptoms. — Pressure symptoms occur, but they are less common and
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    The results obtained from the former method in the practice of Mikulicz
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    cases the operation was advisable. The process of involution
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    generally found to exist in fatal cases of this description,
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    ''has at last attained the dignity of being styled a disease." It
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    left hand, with blueness, which disappeared in a few days, but at the same
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    dull on percussion on both sides — on the right side to within
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    quinine, on the sedative influence of calomel, and on

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