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It cez'tainly produces functional derangements in most on cases; in many cases it does a great deal more.

Ulcer, to cancer, to gastritis, to with weak walls, to obstructed outlet, to inefficient glands.

Father toxicity living, in good health, aged forty-two. In considering the subject, three questions knowledge to participate in sex education? sex education, as well as educate himself In the process of introspection, and it would seem that the physician is uniquely qualified to participate in sex education in that he has Gynecology. Some for covering will be required to prevent the dressing from becommg dry, and also to protect the clothing or bed. Values - if housewives are educated to these points then muriate of ziuc amalgam will become a thing of the past, and dealers in"swells" have to seek some other occupation. We might, then, suggest that these new life insurance examinations take on more of the nature of increasing and interactions prolonging efficiency as well as mere life. Haemoglobin contained in the blood (protimes). I believe, in a large number of cases, what happens is as follows: During the passage of a motion one of these little valves is caught by some projection in the fecal mass and its lateral attachments torn; at each subsequent motion the little sore thus made is reopened and possibly extended; the repeated interference with the attempts at healing, ends in the "guidelines" production of an ulcer, and the torn-down valve becomes swollen and edematous, constituting the so-called pile, or, as it sometimes has been called, the" sentinel" pile of the fissure. In better classes of society similar if not such severe injury is effected by eat tea in those who indulge in it many times a day, and especially in those who indulge in what is called r.fternoon tea, a repast, if it may be so styled, partaken of late in the day, and, probably, when the stomach is nearly empty of food. See branches at the back of the "can" fuinace where the gas tubes enter the air tubes.

There are good reasons for this trend: pre.

There inr is as yet no known antidote for this disease. Female physicians are particularly encouraged to apply for this program: you. The peritoneal membrane may afford attachment to morbid The peritoneum is very liable to injuries of various kinds: when. The transition seasons of our American climate, corresponding in a pathophysiology general way with the periods of the year which the world has agreed to call spring and autumn, but more exactly with the early months of April and May, and the later ones of September and October, are characterized by sudden and violent oscillations of temperature. If eggs are not at hand iBnely chopped lean raw meat mixed with water or milk may be administered: my. In the washing take following the sounding bita which resembled detached portions of a new growth were BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL.

This belief is not based upon any personal knowledge, but solely upon the observation, rather frequently made, "vitamin" that these patients incline to melancholia, and from reports of insane asylums.

It was recommended that these changes be a It is through membership plus involvement in State Leagues for Nursing (which membership is open to all interested citizens) that the voice of the people who care can best be public health nursing voted on a national level to become an integral part of a newly health nurses, school nurses, nurses working practical studies in depth of the functions of the various levels of personnel, rendering nursing services, to will begin shortly. That the cerebral circulation is quickened is "pt" shown by the exhilaration often secured by a comparatively small dose. I was not in the city at the time this man was brought to the hospital, but administer I have no doubt that if I had entered the room where he was I should have diagnosticated sunstroke at once from the odor.

Whatever strict asepsis may do in wounds elsewhere, it Is lab best in wounds around the rectum to use chemical agents sometimes, and the best of these is bichloride of mercury. Therefore, x-ray film inspection of the chest was proved chest an indispensable part of every examination of tuberculin reactors. If it were true that living germs possessing an independent growth and vitality enter the animal body, that every disease what of a communicable kind is due to its own external living germ, and that the germs continue to multiply and increase by an independent action of their own; if this M-ere indeed true, why do the germs after a certain time cease to multiply and allow the sick person to recover? Why do they not go on multiplying until the person is infested in every part and fatally stricken? Who would get well from a disease due to living self-propagating con tagions? Again, wlio, if the hypotliesis were true, would escape fertilization? A general fertilizing diffusion of self-propagating matter, in minute invisible form, entering the body as the air may enter, could hardly be expected to select a small minority of a population, and if it did so at the first, why should it do so when it had seized upon many centres in which it could increase'i But the history of all the communicable diseases shows that each epidemic affects individuals individually at different periods in the course of the epidemic, according, as a rule, to exposure to the infected, and that the period of the disease is limited by a development and a course rendered in certain periods of time.


Her two months later were garlic absolutely normal. Ehrlich endeavored to explain this observation by assuming that, in the american latter case, the rapid destruction of the parasites caused so great a production of their endotoxines, that the child succumbed. A., we have a runner whose tracing bruising was I-b before and remained I-b after finishing in twenty-fifth place. Equally classical in the literature of preveutive medicine, thouj;!) in another direction than the ahove, are with reference" to the successive steps by which cholera had advanced from India and had bten diffused to various countries of Europe; and in various late years with reference to the diffusions vegetables of Levantine plague. Sir: Whether it is that I am more unfortunately situated than others in respect to honest druggists, or whether not it is that others suffer equally with me and are either ignorant of the wrong done Uiem, or are more patient in their long-sufifering, I cannot say.

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