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Foreign students in Austria, on termination of their

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9. Cady, L. D. and Alvis, B 1 . V.: The use of Tryparsamide

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has concentrated its energies upon an educational pro-

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Harrower Laboratory, 160 N. La Salle St., Chicago 23

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ually conciliated ) and interest itself will find its own ends hest promo-

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Far Advanced 80 71 88.8 1 1.3 5 6.3 12.5 0 .. 2 2.5 2.5

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counta for the radiated appearance of the cicatrix. And, secondly, the

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public schools. If health officers desire a lowered

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ations and could not be reproduced, and lateral films

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]anshrinkingly the standard of professional honor and morals that we

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pensatory scoliosis of the dorsolumbar spine (Fig. 2).

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operations in which sutures are put into the sclera are

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Clinton J. Hancock, Greenup, 111. ; Medical College

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of these rules would tend more than any one thing else, to maintain har-

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straightening up in standing position, sitting up j

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as long as these were present in numbers to suffice.


to relief of symptoms even without positive skin tests.

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Brady’cardia was not recorded despite significant

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visit the spring for the benefit of the water. We are con-

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“The historian of medicine will look back upon the

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Mrs. Eugene Wolff, Mrs. Frederic Holcomb, Mrs. Robert Hall, Mrs. Fred Geib, Mrs. Walter Street, Mrs.

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Trend in Postgraduate Medical Education, James E. McCormack, M.D 803

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of using under any circumstances, on account of their ten-

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whfrt we know of the reputation of the two gentlemen, aa well

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volving the entire posterior portion of the lenses. There

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R^^i of a CommUUe to consider and report on the subject of Home Adul-

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differential count, and platelet count were normal.

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would be something.” I hold that an informed member

what is the potential complication of a drug-drug interaction between selegiline and meperidine

State Journal. — During the period January, 1954,

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nary intelligence^ not connected with the institution except as a boarder.

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most effective, followed by a holder using a cylinder

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wholesome, fresh and pure. Beginning with the selec-

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to establish a system of compulsory vaccination ; but legislation might

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subjects, than to the opinions previously put forth — the latter, in

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administration of desiccated thyroid is as essential to

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pered in satire; but nowhere was he so pronounced a

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nervous action which I believe to be the prime cause of

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skin tests and therapeutic tests will usually rule out

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ation (A. F. L.), a large vascular sac was found. It

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thy of much discussion, or likely to be ado[>ted in thiscountryi

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