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duction of the original tuberculin. The Berlin correspondent of the
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to his books, T/mj/a 200 , at first in solution and afterwards in pow-
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tal hernia, has atrophy of the testis, that is compressed; the mere
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any necessary examination. At the time of her confinement an obste-
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the rear of the industrial procession, fin- ^^^ ^f ^^^^^ ^j^^^,^ j^ ■^^ Tj^e 'j^^st "suc-
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eliminate the excrementitious materials — the pro-
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present in carboluria. Certain poisonous plants may cause a
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report of the Committee representing the leading Otological and
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his eyesight was failing, and I suggested to send him to Dr. Cheatham,
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week is a central sign. Congenital spontaneous nystagmus is
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the degree of tachycardia is usually proportionately higher than the
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dejections into the water-closet — seemed to him to bean iiiefl'ec-
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Homoeopathy's vital breath is the law, " Similia sim-
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dressed and that the foul condition of the mouth is a continual source of
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ience or danger, but with a recovery so rapid as almost to defy- belief. I was
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even seven, grains of it may be got into the quarter-ounce.
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represented in grams the strain exerted by the muscle at a point on the tarsus
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he acquired distinction by his zealous ministrations to the
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1. Astringent Wash for Weak Eyes. — White vitriol 4 gr.,
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Opium, with or without tannic orgallic acid, should
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by enlarging the capacity of the chest, and increasing the size and quality
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who may consider themselves implicated by its bnpersonal
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it weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. In the centre of the lobules there was a
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looked. It is but the work of a minute to lift up a horse s
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they may be due to the action -of structures that are changed but are not
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coasts of Greenland and Baffin's Bay. These general characters, dependent on
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may either greatly increase or diminish, and for this
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in a characteristic manner. They contained distinct nucleoli. We confess
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two or three days he had intended to do a similar touching up in the hope that
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our work. This, it seems to your chairman, is where lies
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The lesions of the kidneys are important. They have thus been summed
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requisites as a cheerful disposition, good health, quiet manners and

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