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     Dr Number 9

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    It was further decided to hold the Congress in Washing-
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    provement which attended this treatment, a great num-
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    wounds or the powder itself was rubbed in. Here also
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    changes, vomiting, ansemia, etc., are often present. The finding
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    that, although accidents appear in fourth place among
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    He finds, in the first place, that neither the section of the cervical
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    confirmed by Klebs, and there is comparatively little difficulty
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    recover spontaneously; (2) a smaller group the individuals of which
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    involved in a fusiform aneurism extending u]> to and includ-
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    the hygrometric conditions have changed very rapidly.
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    larity of treatment in a hospital aids in the im- j
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    have not the least idea." The patient may be perfectly
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    rhagic Infarction, the result of Submersion; frequent llaimoip-
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    When writing advertisers please mention the Journal.
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    doing this, her nails have pierced parts of the head,
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    have not suificient experience to decide." He however knew
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    IV Ventricle appeared ridiculous in view of the man's apparent
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    nually through illness of the gainfully employed is our
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    natural, as affected by direct irritation; sensitive, as acted on by
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    and became smaller and harder, but the patient died in
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    B. Take 4 ounces of Pumpkin Seed, remove shells and bruise
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    stopped ; perhaps the ball is merely rolling, almost
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    opera who had forgotten their parts and gave forth notes at
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    future to publish his results in detail. It had been found
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    chemical reagents, and this is its proper domain ; but it can
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    mechanical obstruction in the duodenum, from accumulation of faeces in
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    blisters to the nape of the neck, emetics, drastic cathartics, hot foot*
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    institution will be under the supervision of Dr. II. Marion-Sims.
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    temporizing litters, splints, etc., there is nothing new in the
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    This is a severe and often fatal form of pemphigus vulgaris, and
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    and very considerable infiltration. In the former of

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