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    prior to operating. If the abdominal and pelvic viscerae are known to be in a con-

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    in order to obtain the blood-mass, which in this case would be 150 X 20 = 3000 cc.

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    cise as is compatible with the avoidance of great or permanent

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    first place we must have a definition of inoperable

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    “I am very impressed with the SMA’s Annual Meetings.

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    these angles inflammatory adhesions of the opposed serous surfaces

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    people, when the despised, potato-eating Irish are at least their equals,

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    the generositv of I-ord NorlhclllTe. Tli.- men K....m.-.l

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    Our difficulties in diagnosis are intensified, as we have seen, by the

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    to 7 p.m. daily), the patients come at odd hours, and

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    (first) that it is needless. ^Second), the time consumed — the

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    German parents, eighteen months old, the tenth child of its mother, had

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    technique, the lens and capsule were removed intact

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    liver, spleen, and kidneys, are studded with ecchymoses, and iippear

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    reported in a lew. patients on 'Dyazide ', although a causal

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    imitate appendicitis, as it mainly affects the lower part of the abdomen.

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    I Obozr. psichiat!, nevrol. [etc.], S.-Peterb., 1898, iii, 187-192.

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    Although not involving immediate danger to life, rhciitnatoid artknilii

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    patients those extracts were chosen for use which produced a positive

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    the most rational yet put forth of their pathology.

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    is absolutely necessary for some other work. The ability to utilize

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    Note on the electromotive force of the organ .shook and

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    imsatisfactory appearance, it is undoubtedly genuine, for the typical

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    should never be lost sight of in the treatment of influenza, for it

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    face, nock, and •^calp. 'ric-donlonreux cnHued in the sooond

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    ordinated, but the patient is able to carry the hand to the desired

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    may either greatly increase or diminish, and for this

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    The Pyronin Methyl-green Stain of Pappenheim. 2 A stock stain can be

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    Setchenoff had studied the nerve currents in the medulla of the frog,

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    tific foundation upon which future biologists may hope to

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    tiiey ini^dit remain latent for an indelinito time, ami mi^Hit

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    viral infection has broadened dramatically since the

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