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    was a '"female child, 9 years of age. born in Armenia. . . . The

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    temperature, looy^,," F. Because of the increase in local

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    method, and did not consider it as safe as the ligature.

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    jmall cecum without an appendix., as do also the Piatyr-

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    skin in different individuals, and that such a large pro-

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    along course of urethra and frequent and painful mic-

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    where meet with success. So in answering the questions as to how immunity is

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    Diagnosis. — Microscopic examination of feces forms a

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    bottles containing the salts which are to be injected, mixed

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    occurred to the writer that the rapid, forcible, and occasion-

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    the pyloric orifice, uncommonly large — lungs in a natural state.

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    mother's milk is sometimes excessive and troublesome. In most

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    intermittent fevers which lead to subcontinuity ; from these modifica-

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    you would be glad to make the coneciion. But instead of doing it with

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    This is not the place for a detailed description of the anatomic

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    trary, then I claim that my treatment in this case has converted already

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    Everyone will agree with the learned judge who tried tbe case

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    pessary for some time, but still suff"ered when I walked

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    were transferred to the captive ship and the British ensign hoisted.

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    in General Medicine, Surgery, and Obstetrics and Gynecology, with

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    known, alcohol has been detected by chemical tests in

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    the nature of which is not known. Another avenue is the skin.

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    decided upon. We have nothing but street-gutters, down which

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    tical therapeutic problem which you older hearers are

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    employment. The use of the compounds of sulphurous acid

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    Lyon, B. R., Greensboro, Columbia Univ., N. Y., 1915 1915 1920

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    arises from the fact that weeks and months often intervene

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    and inter-menstrual periods should be advised, combined with a tonic

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    ical therapeutics. It is not perfected. It can be elevated to a

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