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sible, movements of the aflected limb, the repose of the muiselM h|

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ment of six cases, in three of which no calomel or mercury had been

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pain several times in the twenty-four hours, generally

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afford an excellent means of deciding as to whether any particular

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KY. For further information contact the Susan Gilson,

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The following are direct quotes taken out of context with infrequent

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may continue indefinitely and typhoid bacilli persist for years. In

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under the constitution, but that non-residents? could become honorary

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irritation, and removing many reflex phenomena, thus

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mame as the dark-bordered fibres, of which they are the

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a lipoma occurring in this connection was the lipoma associated with

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reported by Dr. Wilson, in the American Journal of Medicine^ vol. x.

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with the various psychoses and major neuroses (epilepsy, chorea, tetany i,

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cases in Germany. Endocarditis appears to co-exist in a certain proportion

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registered practitioners of two years' standing. Fee for licentiates,

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Compound fracture of the spine will sometimes be found to

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various ways. The name syringomyelus or syringomyelia is given to these

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brought before the pathological section of the Royal

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above normal (101°), and tympanites, which had been present

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projectiles heal in the depths without symptors, then one

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medicine as directed, she concluded to wait until my

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malnutrition than combating a nosological entity by

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tissues are weakened that they undergo invasion by these

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of conjunctivitis, except when being covered with granula-

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scrofula, and as fatal enlargement of the lymphatic glands, but in 1832

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and the subsequent extraction and estimation of the liberated

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from five dollars to fifty dollars; capital operations from twenty-five dollars up to one

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the type found in the Articulata, to which the insect tribe belong. Soon

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the alveolus, preferably of the second molar tooth, but it was very rare

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expression sunken, vacant, or wild, and spasms of the

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