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 Mandelay Cream Directions

this is due to the fact that the right forefinger, with little difficulty, can

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Neuralgia. — 1 )k. James Stewart, of Montreal, Can., gave

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043). In this paper Dr. Hrewer describes the particulars

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of camphor to each dose. Should they operate too freely upon

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The first was that of a strong j^oung man, who had been shot in the

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treatment is concerned it would seem that excellent

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Illustrations: Four illustrations per article are allowed without cost to the author. Beyond this

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syphihs. Dr. James Nevins Hyde discusses the question

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merly supposed. Chronic cystitis of typhoid origin, on the other

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To the Air Medifcal Service the problems were presented of over-

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and soft, sometimes thickened. They may be raised 1-6 millimetres or

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other pupil; then we do the same thing to the other eye. If the test

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through ; and it is probable that a still greater per-

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temperature had not been taken to verify this statement of the

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40 pounds were injected subcutaneously with 20 c. c. of filtered cul-

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Dr Traill mentions an instance which occurred at Liverpool m lSo<\ in

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(c) Cardio-vascular system: In several pilots the apex beat has been found

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may give additional power to the Marine-Hospital Ser-

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pleasant sensations. I have known smoking to produce

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other cause," which may be so obscure that we cannot

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belief that the traumatism of the operation and open-

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SuPKUKdcrATioN. — Dr. S. K. Ranney. of North Ben-

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But the anti-vivisectionists die hard. We believe they

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notwithstanding that a part of the pulmonary capillaries has perished,

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seem to suffer from it to about the same extent, though

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time to time. The most bitter debate was at the meet-

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The case seems of interest, therefore, because of :

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and tendon sheaths in the neighbourhood of the joints show the same

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The presence of sugar in the urine, in diabetes, is a prominent and

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most sure to be traced to hereditary taint, or to some other very

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a very malignant type of fever prevailed among the shipping of

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the dislocation is reduced, the bone being drawn in a direction contrary to that

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Dr. Johnston briefly replied. Dr. Atthill alluded to his using the

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masses of the tuberculous form, of which the greater number were

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surface. Cancers of the pleura are full of cells, have .very little con-

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bules rouges. Ibid., 172-177. — Moriiei- ( C T. ) Un-

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