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 Dapovar Vs

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use of intoxicating draughts of any kind is an acknowledged

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the Elapinse, and especially of the Hydrophinse, are much shorter; the

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constipation and a general defective circulation are

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seriously interfered with, as the use of tobacco, in the young,

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depend — 1st, On an altered condition of the blood, as in anaemia ; or,

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not infect a larger number is probably due to the insusceptibility of

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Testimonials of every kind are not wanting to corroborate

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It is fair to assume that the effects produced in a healthy person by


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dressing should l)e honey spread on lint, and applied on it, and over that a bit of

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the abolition of the requirement was a backward step. Before

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in which the Central Mechanism was Supposed to be in the Spinal

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ation whose history I do not know much of; a third generation,

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punctures ; but it was not like a normal vaccine cicatrix, and

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tion and still give the imprint of a normal arch. A foot may be abso-

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lungs, and was most marked opposite to the interannular spaces. Microscopical

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the bowel covered by peritoneum. Perforation of the vermiform appendix

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ask him how he does, he will probably declare that he is quite

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Blood serum is digested. Recently much discussion has arisen as to the value of the

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other communication with the islands, the state of the

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department is neglected, and his writings ignored, but he

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Vol. XXXVIII. Louisville, Ky., October I; 1904. No. 157.

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lisen, which Mr. P. prefers to that of Amussat, was decided upon and per-

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tissue of the main sinus. When all sinuses have been slit up, the over-

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but should, whatever this may be, produce the specific disease. This

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his ISth year he produced a translation of a " Description of

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was the greatest Emperor the Moors ever had. He fostered every

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with little or no pain. There had been a slight discharge from the va-

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the people to whom the reform is a matter of vital interest, do

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sis of accoiuiundation after a sore throat so slight that it

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liquids or from moist solid sui'faces, and of diftusing themselves in the air.

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