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of the urobilin band and contained enough of the paradimethyl-

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and persisted in botii the feces and urine when the patient

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Ear (ind Eye (3rd Thousand)., is. Chronology of Generation (a

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exercise and bodily development. For cash in advance,

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growth and leading to its degeneration. The treatment reduces

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In quoting this observation, Cohnheim alludes to Ponfick's cases of tuber-

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rarely shoek, a>denui ^iotlidis, sulToiation front falling lrt?ek of the

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showed imperfect vaccine marks, 325 ; and (4) out of 1000

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At the junction of the cornea with the larger part of the eye-

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ending to the disease, or whether the suppuration might not continue.


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usually it would be found that the disease would not be

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side, and at the anterior extremity of the tenth rib on the left side. This did

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enza. This is a very unfortunate circumstance. Just as a patient had

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river enters the plain, coming down from the Australian Alps,

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may be prone to occur, now one and then another manifesting itself ; or

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free from contents, the os uteri being felt high up, and unoc-

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The handwriting in general paralysis is almost pathognomonic. In

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leads to a considerable loss of life. Occurring in the course of other dis-

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injection of air, or of medicated fluids, may act injuri-

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AustraUa : Cardial Singh Gill, India : Alice Marian Graham, Scotland;

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Case III. — \Vas that of a German, aged fifty-seven.

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good effects in remedying many bodily deficiencies ; yet it may

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tire circumference of the bowel, and had reached down to the


these individuals being over 59 years of age. Also,

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150 cases a year, but the death rate has been usually satisfactory.

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