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a very different position long ago. A very great doubt

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was administered. The jaws at this time were still clenched. On the

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cow-pox is enzootic in this country, and only needs looking up to be

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Recently, therefore, it has been used much less than formerly,

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en the movements when present. The uterus acts much

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"The thoracic viscera presented no evidence of diseavSe; the heart was

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The same night tiiere was some soreness of the laryn.v,

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Prognosis. — This is a complicated matter, and often the attempt

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even in its title the most essential characteristics.

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Francis of Assisium. As yet no provision has been made for

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If the disease has not yet extended above the metacarpo-

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Planer in 1854 noted these pigmented cells in fresh

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tremes must produce a different effect in the same indi-

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time retired from my Profession, .lud was holding the ap-

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A.M., M.D., Attending Physician, New York Dispensary; Assistant in

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the common carotid thirty-two times, with live failures; the

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psychological classification is sought to be determined, as

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Arnica eight parts, and spirits of camphor one part (the camphor to

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the tuberculous in Philadelphia, and of magnificent conserva-

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If this be the case, we can reassure a diffident manager and

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to their ultimate sorrow, while the exertion demanded of the poor may be

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The interests of the individual and the race in re-

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bules rouges. Ibid., 172-177. — Moriiei- ( C T. ) Un-

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traced by the side of, or over, or under neuroglia cells, this may be clearly

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the very means employed to preserve it. Easy arm-chairs and

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entitlement. Therefore, it is extremely helpful if the

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ment required than in the little fellows. I should,

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nilro-Uydrocloric acid is especially indicated in cases of osabii' wf

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history was irrelevant. He had had measles in childhood, Neisser infection twice

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The bowels must be kept regular in all types or stages ;

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in fact, been able to demonstrate the presence of a

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