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 Chloramphenicol Eye Drops For Pets

245 atoms of oxygeji, 214 of nitrogen, 2 of sulphur, and i of iron, and
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omit wearing flannel, and should sleep between blankets or flannel
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spersed through the text ; these, although somewhat rough,
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ffesammelt. Von Hermann Pipee. (Berlin ; H. Komfeld.
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and their ganglia to life itself. Purely functional derangements in the
chloramphenicol eye drops for pets
in enormous numbers in leprous nodules, and equally so in such secre-
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his head under critical circumstances better than Mr. Jowers.
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President: W. Miller Obd, M.D. Vice-Presidents : Henry
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its boasted precautions has also been exposed to all who
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quiries, and li: accepted. The following resolution was passed: "That
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anticipate complete success in every other department and I
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potassiimi sulphate or indican, an ethereal sulphate which is eliminated
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<London : J. and A. Churchill. 1893. Crown 8vo, pp. 42, Ss.)
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was losing the sense of taste, but it was never completely lost. It seems
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The protozoa are of comparatively recent discovery, but they are
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complains of no pains in the head, has no sickness or gastric
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be likely to fail to remember that, as Harvey had taught,
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would within twenty-four hours show that it was erysipelas, while
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Sir Charles A. Cameron, the Medical Officer of Health for Dublin,
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from attacks of measles or whooping-cough. From this it is evident
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sity of Padua, where Harvey had studied after leaving Cam-
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attention to this point is legion, and although a claim to
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the hepatic duct, which conducts all the bile which is secreted. Plug
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The Medical I )fficer or Health <if a Rubal Sanitary DisTEicT;(Hants)

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