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found in this statement : Adherence to the present direc-
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sentatives present. A few delegates registered as members of
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same thing anyway ; biit you can get along sonielimes
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iu the Southern States, it is not my intention to do inore than call attention to the first
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tient had been troubled with his knee for four years previously.
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the Psychological Bulletin, Vol. XIV, No. 2, February
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changed from a healthy to an unhealthy village, have become the
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tWe\y unaffected, and presents a strikingly white appearance in
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ing at first, but in a short time this effect ceases. We have
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14. Huddleson, I. F.: Brucellosis in man and animals,
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The stomachs of which sections were cut were taken from
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Eintiuss antipyretisclier Mittel auf die Eiweisszer.setzung
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is at all influenced by right feeding." This aim has been car-
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sweep its entire periphery. One of the sinuses could
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500 grains of albumen into pepton in 4 ounces of acidulated water, while
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has its best explanation not on the theory that it is due
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in the vigor of life, and with a resonable prospect of
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group of contractile fibriUse enclosed in one and the same enve-
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human species possesses a natural immunity to the omni-
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Blood flows from a wound however Blight, and the amount of blood
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is often easy for a patient to remember some strain or fall about the time of
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and begin upon a new and business-like basis ? Any sub-
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have not been able so far to give it a name or determine its proper
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sinuses is that which occurs in ehlorotie patients, usually about the age
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with croupous influenza pneumonia, in which the diplococcus is sup-
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race. You are going out into a world where you will find the
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malady. An investigation of the different organs of the bod} r reveals no
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compression, or sudden haemorrhage ? The longitudinal
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seen to quiver, and the patient has a low-pitched, monotonous voice, which
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two patients mentioned who are still alive, for many years after the
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in contact with it, which tends to diffuse itself over the serous membrane,
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cavity and the sinus had both very much contracted. Then
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element in the face of an obstacle, a safeguard against injury
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1895, iv. 2:i7. . The prevention of defoi mity in fract-
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the prostate gland, the removal of the obstruction to
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has abandoned the practice because additional expe-
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immediate death, is certainly remarkable enough, but
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fested. Of the latter, the author had met with three in
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