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    were over forty. Remember that arthritic-type pains

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    until perfect recovery ensued. Slight pharyngeal paralysis oc-

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    grayish green and have a characteristic odor which has been

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    were 44.8 per cent., 13.1 per cent., 16.1 per cent., and 25.8 per cent, respec-

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    Essays on *^ The History of Care for the Ailing/^ ' which is quoted

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    Hannah Martin, aged 4| years, Jane Embden, aged 10 years,

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    creased to five, eight, twelve, fifteen, and, on the 28th of August, to

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    225-245, 1 cli. AU-o, transl. : Edinb. M. J., 1895-6, xli,

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    latent or manifest itself by symptoms, usually effects of pressure, and

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    good idea of its conformation. It was devised by Dr.

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    in the number of red blood-corpuscles or oligocytltcemia, and diminution in

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    nary respiration; and the accessory, or those only called into ac-

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    spermatic cord was here so short, so near the cavity

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    practised observer abundant information; but we quite agree

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    bourne, 1890, n. s.. xii. 421-423. — Ward (J.) Typhoid fe-

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    contracted, and I have not had a case of concealed hemor-

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    the portion of lung involved ; but the most frequent, and on the whole the

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    fat can be demonstrated. He passes water three or four

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    ous form of acute pleurisy, when sufficient fluid has accumulated to

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    has ever been cured by art; and perhaps no better evidence can

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    when absolutely necessary : for serious afl'ections of the heart or

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