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the Principles and Practice of Medicine in the Memphis
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the utmost suffering, his lips blue, his eyes protruding, and tl>e thorax
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torious in their estimation, even if at variance with their private opinions,
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ligamentous bands, which, being observed by some of the older anatomists,
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At the age of six mouths she had a severe attack of cholera infantum. Just
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They become superficial by destruction of the ribs and vertebrte in the
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me to be not unworthy of consideration in the practice of medicine;
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cathartics are to be given; if nausea and vomiting prevail, a
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The seventh memoir, on " Tumours of the vagina," and the eighth,
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opening must be kept well dilated so as to allow free drain-
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exuded, and the patient was in extreme roUapse, pulse
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The only instance iu which any further measure of restriction
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From these experiments it is evident that dm'ing the winking of
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faculties remain clear, but after some days they begin to become blunted ;
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satory circulation is insufficient or absent, the ischjemic part dies — un-
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need of it ; it is in many cases, a literal " life-preserver."
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In cases of fever many patients may pass into a state
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clean and neat, or if her husband feels that he is held in contempt by her
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by the tumor and its metastasis are completely removed. Failure to
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•elected unanimously as its first President, and in his inaugural
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best results were to be obtained by the use of large
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lateral branches on both fides of the part which h^ been tied.
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factor would be an important point in the diagnosis of these
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non-pathogenic nature, these bacteria were apparently
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of the disease in cattle in this coimtry. Murphy, in
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successful. The habit of nail-biting sometimes persists
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excessive stressing of functional diagnosis, arrived at, for the
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is set free in this manner is taken up by the chloroform, and colors
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and disorganized structures that are not supposed to be sus-
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treated with the X-ray. It is a photograph of the abdomen taken four
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stands to reason that quite a number of these cases never expe-
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the tube, two ounces of castor oil and three to four drops
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accumulate until we arrive at the complication of the human frame. These nerves, additional
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teristic stools consist of a thin liquid generally known as the rice-water or
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about them. I did not think that was the general feel-
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patient had had a thick yellowish discharge from the vagina; she suffered at

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