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ization Statistics- Published by Russell Sage Foundation,
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he attributes to an attack of yellow fever which he con-
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ing in the cerebellum. (H. F. Formad, Pliil. Med. 'Jtmes, vol. xi. 274.)
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The action of coUargol is denoted in certain cases by a rapid
scan. Exogenous thyroid in high doses will suppress TSH
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faintly accented. I now placed the patient sitting up in bed. The venous
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the oesophagus an effort must be made to force it into the stomach; when
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There is no better artificial food than peptonized milk for those
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lective power of the lung than to its position. The apex
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scenario in which in return for agreement to set the targets at
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of those who would tighten up controls on all aspects
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state of Israel, opened its doors on May 17 as a joint
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the variation in the mode of treatment, does not change the na-
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ovum the pains and bleeding cease and the uterus con-
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thrush, caused by the i)resence of the Saccharomyces albicans, which
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health was at an end, but he always expected it to return.
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in the same light as ourselves; and tioners. We call those the "lower"
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Miller, T. W , Surgeon — Granted leave of absence
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A conical tumour, several inches in height, and having a base of
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resignation of Dr. Williams be accepted, and that the thanks
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lower margin of the skull. Early in February, oper-
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niture of each cell should consist, beside the bed, with or
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■men say that such cases as those of doubtful sanity should not
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available to all, and that, if it is not done, it is impossible that the great body

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