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    repeated apphcations of the forceps. It ought to be employed after
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    actually sick, but always listless. On March 3, 1903, had an
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    and the Minister of Public Instruction, who was hitherto om-
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    Fatty acids and fats were present in small quantities, also
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    For Metrorrhagia. — Hydrastis canadensis as a uterine
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    an abrasion about the genitalia or at the anus, the prick of a needle, the
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    pock, sheep-pock, and so forth, are now called by the common title of
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    ical filtration of the city water supply. The water for the town
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    Sixty-seventh Annual Meeting, held at Portsmouth, Eng.,
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    Dr. Cashin reported having recently read an article in an English
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    periosteum in the production of new bone, it at least acts
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    two ends are placed eccentrically and the pressure on the ends acting, the
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    because everything denoted acute pain in the chest. Such cases have
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    cians. The most striking feature of the work is its illustrations, which
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    the results so far gained in this direction have been
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    is possible for a similar interchange, or at least a
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    ties, the auricle and internal ear, the skin of the skull and face,
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    covered with numerous pimples : there were also spots
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    Classification. While it is possible to distinguish the different
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    ache. The patient was sleepy and it was almost impossible
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    humerus. For the last three or four months the man had been suffering from
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    3812 between 75 and'so ; 903 between 80 and 90; 1352 have

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