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those who intelligently strive for improved community

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grafting: The tanning agent eschar is removed as soon

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the past. Because of this situation, Dr. Replogle’s county

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It is safe to say that this mode of execution has come to stay in

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hospital stay for the control group was 5.6 days and

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For service, look in telephone book under “Spencer

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this appreciation we know we are joined by the mem-

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have children, but unfortunate enough to be having a

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urologic conditions included the following: Intravenous

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college life with their minds poisoned with the teaching that pros-

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may be found also in hyperparathyroidism, in rickets

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well-doing or the service he has rendered, and if he ever hears an

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can be attributed to the type of fat used rather than

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collaboration on the part of the Society with the Penn-

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Bv P. C. Remondino, M. D. (Jefferson), Member of the American Medical Asso-

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Medical Statesmanship Comprises the Art of Changing the Health Condition of a Community,

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an average about ten minutes, but he is never entirely

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hardt was possessed of some secret balm which preserved her youth,

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of the physicians in this community had offices on the

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Navy. The response to calls for service continues ;

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which is, singly and unaided, to solve without delay or difficulty

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the left common iliac artery and in the pelvis. There

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liable test than the patient’s own report. In cases of

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Legislature as will permit the Pennsylvania Department of

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ple, and the medical departments treated 53,206 cases

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titis ; part four, benign mammary tumors ; part five,

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fine. He was voiding freely, with little burning and

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pulse rate 90. There was no evidence of systemic shock.

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Society and the State Department of Health is to be

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regard to many processes involving restricted physical

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until finally one is given only every tenth da}-. The author re-

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emanation outfit is required which will give a large

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