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 Lasix In Premies

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This is to be done by thorough sanitary measures in regard to the removal of

can too much lasix cause renal failure

the patient to look at the finger, held straight before the eyes, it is found

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to those of our friends and colleagues to whom we are

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In March, 1885, the patient's condition was as follows : —

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the part of the nervous centre which is the seat of inflamma-

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of a bean to that of a hen's egg. This necrotic piece of tissue is sharply

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deafness. He has great difficulty in micturition; to begin the act

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think of it in that way. This is infantile paralysis, the

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they might really be due to a reflex affection of the cerebellum.

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series ends before the pylorus. Blood-debris large in amount every-

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MyoI'I.\ {near-sightedness). \n elongated eye (from

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stance is pounded in a mortar, and to it are added 300 grammes of neutral

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the nature of the disease determined during life. The

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form of progressive muscular atrophy described by Hoffmann

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These and similar results attracted the attention of the entire European

lasix in premies

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denly with a very severe chill, marked prostration and pain over the

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