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    sician to the presidency of the Health Board if he is qualified.

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    washed, say, only once a week, after th^ initial bath. He

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    swallow its papillomata. When first seen the child was nearly moribund with

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    external ear, unless very profuse in quantitj', necessa-

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    than from the members of the Association as a private contribu-

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    effect on the alveolar carbon dioxide pressure. If the diminished

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    roused by shouting into his ears, the breathing stopped,

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    Monday Metropolitan Free, 2 p.m.— St. Mark's for Fistula

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    somewhat toward the crest of the iliums, and the highest

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    missible: If loud bronchial breathing be heard over a dull area, a

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    was quite well. There has been no return of the diffi-

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    an inflammation of both parotid glands, which had become

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    I was struck by a passage in the Symposium, which had

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