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    serviceable. A solution of boric acid or of corrosive sublimate

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    it requires about 25 cc. of the decinormal hydroxide solution to neutralize

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    movement, but occasional v there is some . . /■ ^v. i t^ -j tu r • i

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    scrofula and syphilis were co-existent from the first, that fact would not

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    by operation. In a considerable proportion of the cases the patient has

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    ought not again to be taken by surprise as they were on this occasion.

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    body well built up in flesh and in vigor of muscle,


    whence the necessity for precaution in the prognosis and treatment;


    unduly sought or unworthily obtained. This reputation he enjoyed

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    black for a widow with the addition of a narrow strip of

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    by Dr. J. R. Rathmell, of Chattanooga; When Consumptives

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    supposing he differed from his view. Sucli differenqe as there might be

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    proijortions found in the two cases given above, but it may be consid-

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    tympanitic small intestine, and forced backwards : on section the organ was found to

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    nor put up with wrappers and circulars expatiating on the use of the Hypophosphites or LJige8iive,iuus euuca,v k

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    gree and the duration of the application of cold. A very intense cold,

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    enter. Mosquito breeding places in the pools in coastal marshes may

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    of the central Government, whose head should be a cabi-

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    disease the aortic ring is usually involved and the symptoms of aortic

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    changes lead to inflammation, with its usual course,

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    obtained from them. Other carnivorous animals are also liable to be

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    from Mr. Tait is mentioned, it is in terms which are

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    Case 7. — A boy, aged 17, with a diagnosis of cortical hemorrhage following

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    tained in the range of 100 to 120 mm Hg systolic. Prepara-

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    enlargement to a growth that overhangs the chest and greatly hinders the

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    Differential Diagnosis, — In the first twenty-four to forty-eight

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    — "Horses' Teeth," Fourth edition, re-revised, with second

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    attached to the cusps of the aortic valve. There was an

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    to justify us in regarding the method of cold baths, consid-

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    serve this waste in out-door life in winter, men can supply

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    or else in the reg-ion controlling* the g-enital org-ans.

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    current of a strong induction apparatus. Patient's general condition has

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    and Sodium Nitrate. In Materia Medica there is noth-

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    water, is "rendered," melted, and then diawn ofl:' into mov-

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    The labor cost of feeding. — In experiments in pork production

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    left ventricle is associated with mitral or aortic lesions which are conserva-

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    lies through the communications of the vagus with the

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    mentation can take place without the presence of living organisms.

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    arterial blood to escape between the meshes of the fibres that

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    be taken. (This, it may be well to mention, was and slill is a very pop-

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    line of the body, bent forwards and downwards. The penis now

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