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rica; their nature, treatment, and prevention. Glasgow

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ment of most diseases, must, as heretofore, be content to follow the

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general and opposite directions from a central point in the neck of the dumb-

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isolated fact more demonstrate relations, than a single numer


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ther, narcotics alone provide only analgesia, which may

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n.— Bled to 320. Blood covered with a thick white pellicle, or

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was then entirely outside the abdominal wound), disclosing a

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time of Lebert down to the present time. After considering at some length

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only scientific basis for intelligent combination. It is to be

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nurse before it was suckled by its mother, and that vaccination

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satisfy all that over-distention is not the main cause of mammary

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in girlhood or adult life ; the result of the injury being the throwing forward of

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putation for round-celled sarcoma the hands began to en-

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illustrate some of the advantages attending the use of

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cases quite as remarkable. A respectable gentleman now living, who

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fair control of the liovvels, unless their contents were

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time subsequently. On this occasion, on careful auscultation

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the beast the feeding or drinking trough, yet the dust of

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frequency of the pulse. It dulls the hearing and dims the sight. It

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donors and nursing staff. In mid-year a new format was adopted for the news-

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him — in this period usually the emperor, but also often a

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it contains and normal urine varies between 1015 and 1025.

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are very fortunate to have as our keynote speaker, Dr.

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we confess with very little hope of success, our united bandages of

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steerage passengers, out of a total on board of twelve hundred and

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skilful treatment, redound very considerably to the credit of the cardi-

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the College to oppose any attempt to introduce into the

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learned in this country, that a half-hearted execution of

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