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external to the epithelium. When the edge of the intestine is

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life is small. When death takes place during the career ot" the disease, it is

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fishing. Nearby accredited 200 bed hospital. Leaving

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sufficient current to be effective in many conditions without

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without omitting any essential consideration. All that relates

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if the employee is not immediately incapacitated thereby

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chance to use any more. Tetanus in this case developed very prompt-

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trol and dominance. He is almost absolutely in a material

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glasses, teeth, hearing aids, wigs, etc., will be “free”

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June 19-23— Postgraduate Institute for Emergency and Primary

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upon faith cures. Among the letters received by him from


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maines — Turpentine — Typhus Fever — Valvular

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crutches. There was no distinct callus to be felt along the

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importance to guard against personal variations in the method

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