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    The fungus is difficult to cultivate out of the body. Recently, ho\vover,
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    Muzzle velocity 1,300 ft. S. 2,285 ft. S. 2,000 ft. S.
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    quency in proportion to the effect on the circulation. The mental faculties
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    On the seventh day there was severe haemorrhage from the stomach,
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    weeks his agonising pain had been entirely cured, and was
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    Hunt and Brown (Am. Jour. Dis. Child., 1923, 25, 198) studied 21
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    the tena owlema is applied to an effusion of serum into the interstitial
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    faction and tenderness augmented in proportion 'to the severity and
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    this on growing tissues, and have proved that you can stain a
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    may be alleviated by friction with anodyne and mildly stimulating liniments.
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    M.D., St. And. ; Engineering and Architecture, presided over
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    be given, and this may be repeated as soon as the effect of the first
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    main lesion, the treatment required from eight to ten weeks.
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    with pus and a gelatinous, pulpy mass. The conditions were so
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    reflected struggle and the attempt to achieve transcen-
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    represented at the Congress. On the opposite side of the room
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    Oceania. — The Sunda isles and Papuasia are rich in the poisonous
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    I feel mvself bound to make a few observations. An appeal
    so, it would seem to be a necessary part of the operation to remove
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    constitutional symptoms begin to present features of depression which
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    has ever been cured by art; and perhaps no better evidence can
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    but usually one eye is affected more than the other. It may be present

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