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 Dharmanis Nf Cure 20

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he regarded as of historical interest was as to the passage which Dr. Butler

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in the previous history of his ailment is the occurrence of repeated

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examining the spine, neither pressure nor percussion occasioned

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pulse be lost, the minimal pressure, i. e., the base of the curve, in-

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reason to believe that traumatism may be a factor in the causation of the

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have asked that all state societies defer their meeting until later in the

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Kay-Shuttleworth— to extend the age below which boys shall

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of the kidney (this may be the case in Bright's disease),

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their variations. He recalled that the late Dr. Haviland

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which M. Peschior's etherial iinct. of mole fern buds was prescribed, in

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Uie left antrum about 10 ctm. below the orbit. It had

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gether, and the cells contain but little protoplasm, and begin to be

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of slow and insidious onset, a rose-colored eruption,

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1 1 have not been able to consult this paper, but the figure which bears on this point is

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in quantity that it does not fill the blood-vessels. Much of the serous

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liave eom]>laineil of vertijro, hut none to such an extent as this.

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exerting its influence on the nervous tissues, the circulatory system, and

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the acids and fats in food and thus may cause lead-poisoning. Some

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the sound of a soft /, increased vesicular breathing roughly corresponds

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proportion as it is restricted to a few diseases, is its diagnostic character

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of regurgitant aortic disease depending on atheroma and dila-

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the greatest possible number of days in which exercise can be

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any stiffness, and radiant heat was tried with some success in one severe

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Air Surgeon's Bulletin, Vol. II, No. 1 1 (1945), p. 400.

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of the brain to float up. Thus the pressure in the cranio-vertebral cavity

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