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robable, while there were many facts in support of the contrary opinion,

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Hawaii. Mon-Thurs. 20 hrs. $350. Contact: Stuart Zeman, MD,

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to see the gibberish one is accepting as common sense.

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good results from prescribing Sanmetto in kidney and bladder complaints.

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still full of air, when percussion discloses no dulness, and when auscul-

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of weight, or soreness, after a full meal: but the consideration

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tuberculosis? Tr. Am. Surg. Ass., Phila., 1894, xii, 21.3-215.

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Figs. 13 and 14 which show pronounced keratitis involving a large

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tion of fecal matter, avoidance of causes mducing mental excitement, and

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The other viscera were not acted on. The subjects were yountr

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mortality. But though infantile pathology is thus beset with difficulties,

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agnosis by examination of the urinary sediment. Oc-

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middle of July ; since no change ; " talks incoherently." Discharged.

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cases were brought to the hospital in Manila several days

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advantages of being nearly odorless, tasteless, pro-

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dent of the North Central Medical Conference. He also was elected last

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and becomes dilated by the pressure of the blood. Not unfrequently,

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never nut with an exaTnple, and since that v«*ar I have met with a \rrv

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required, and should never be applied except by the instructions and under the

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• The Cranial Characteristics and Powers of Human /faces.-— An Ora-

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Feb. 4^. The morning temperatures for the past two days have been

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