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 Dr Numb Cream

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the pains he has taken to present them with a correct and

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' Tran5actions of the Obstetrical Societv, London, vol xxxii n

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and there is great difficulty in breathing. The spasmodic

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to improve, and is now nearly well. He is decidedly

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of years, has emphasized the role posture plays in the

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readily than in its healthy state ; that is, it is more friable. Its volume is

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the only pain he ever had was when these abscesses were forming.

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(such as the proteins) which is required to prevent precipitation of a

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correction needed. The fixed cramp of the converging

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beef tea or bouillon, or the so-called beef extracts, as a diet.

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Under such astonishing imagery are clearly depicted

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ground we shall find no difficulty in disposing of the statements of Prof. Huss

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are found in these nodes; comparatively rarely has microscopic

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ration cannot be entirely ehminated. Localized pelvic

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G. — Paint chilblains freely with Muriate Tincture of Iron.

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red cells which have already undergone characteristic alterations, and

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little ; consequently a suflBcient supply does not go to the brain ; the

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It is easy to see how food, unsuitable in quantity and quality, can

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And even conceding the possibility of alcohol pervading the living body,

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of this membrane the nerves of hearing are distributed or spread out.

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means alone when all other remedies had failed. Generally, however, in

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which, heintr associated with chill and slip-ht fever, and havinc a paroxys-

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her eyes the head of an ox with blood upon the severed neck;'

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99.2°. Treatment availed very little. Occasionally he

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of ulceration due to impaction of foreign bodies, actinomycosis,

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use of his eyes, his hands, and all of his senses in making his diagnosis

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was proven to be due to stone by the passage of smsdl

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coils of steam pipes and will then be forced, by means of

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cord, then, was compressed between two abnormal bony points

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to prepare organizable material for animals. Animals elaborate it

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all the profession and the able men of this country ; so, I say, let us take our time, and when

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fibres, like thread. The taste is intensely bitter.

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five million eight hundred thousand red corpuscles to the

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University of Wisconsin Center for Health Sciences. Topic: ‘‘A Statewide Clinical

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Inflammation and abscess may be the result of embolic obstruction

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