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inti'a et extra intestina. With regard to the treatment, he

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not exactly analogous to the tetanus injections. It

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this report, that of 286 cases presented by Dr. O'ConncU in his

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points of interest. Unfortunately I have been unable to obtain a

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found to have been free from disease. The circumstances

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of h'lyfever. as it has heen presented not only in my

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precipitation of the denaturated protein as calculated from the results of the preliminary trial.

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tended ; no abnormafities of circulatory, respiratory, or urinary

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bacillus typhosus in th(^ gall bladder seven years after

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to the effect that a man had been shot and would be sent here on

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developed itself as a sequela. Recent observations seem to show that

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organs arc ])erfectly healthy. The heat of the skin is more moderate than

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He expressed himself in sympathy with the law enacted by the

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.Bickerton, Thomas, F.U.C.S. Edin., L.S.A., at his residence, 82, Mount

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of the processes by which heat is naturally formed in the

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show the most severe lesions when the arms are included; and a further

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result of altered metabolism, but considered it due to an

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Vorstellung einer Patientin rait Magenfistel. Verhandl.

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Dr. Hamilton states, "when labour (with the head of the

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Haeser, was from beginning to end a series of the most

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ing each ulcer with antiseptic gauze and collodion before going to work.

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objection that heating " devitalizes " it can, of course, be

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The management of the epidemic in the city itself was left,

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and as soon as the stomach will bear it, a dose of Castor Oil. Milk

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thorough, will bring syphilis, as a disease, to an end,

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tainly clinically it bad all the characteristics of simple

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terday, of your desire to hear from the 43d Reg'iment occasionally. I

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