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Let tliem form themselves into a committee, and delegate two

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swelling appeared on the left side of the face, diarrhoea set in,

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ment on the other, while it cannot be without some eflFect in increas-

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destroyed by it. Such changes appear the same in character in the

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ences. In the one, the parents of six children refused to per-

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conmionly, it is the splanchnic faerves which are affected, with disturb-

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of bakehou:res Hooded Irom time to time with sewage— and even of

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viously "coddled" lads by overcoming parental prejudices

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The first of these subjects is indicanuria. This designates the

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work is one reflecting the highest credit on the enterprising

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to see him. I had great difficulty in persuading hm to go to bed, but,

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the brain, or that of almost the whole lat eral half of tlie spinal

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J. J. Crean, P. M. Ellis, J. J. Falvey, T. J. Gallwey, H. Grier, J. J. Greene,

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Hysteria may occur at any age, for I have seen hysteric anesthesia

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children are especially liable to chorea, which is a rheumatic affection,

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attacks occur resemblmg angina pectoris, radiating down the left arm

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respiratory organs in London were 9 below the average, and were equal

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