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 Butea Superba Gel

them when made. The references to foreign Pharmacopcjeias-

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The American Medical Association in a Chlorotic State, 436

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M. Poirson of Paris recommends that percussion should be

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islet is merely an agglomeration of elementary tuber-

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signs, and rarely pass away completely. For the further discussion of

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and consequent damming back of blood upon the rootlets of the portal vein.

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Kales still audible on left side of chest, with cracked-pot sound on percussion, and

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anywhere. An hour later there he was still sitting. He

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Dr. Senn, but he was convinced that his gas test had been

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he wished to keep secret the nature of the anesthetic, and asked if something

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steam-engine with a living human body — the bones of the latter

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great. Another novelty is that a person may voluntarily enter

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take food without exciting vomiting ; but occasionally, when he succeeds in retain-

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illness is reduced to about 3%, and that for all other cases to

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reason was because it was the common servant of all Depart-

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question was a serious one for the agricultural interest of France,

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until she was able to hold single images for forty-five

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of neo-natal costs and risks has been completed and

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common that its legitimacy is but seldom suspected. It is in this

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stance sensibilitrice" of Bordet, or the amboceptor of Ehrlich.

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itic and non-syphilitic individuals, sometimes at certain parts of the field, at

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The duration of the disease varies according to the intensity

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showed haemoglobin almost normal, the red blood cells

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nomena have been observed in these few cases of sudden

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such a size as not to weary the eye, and, if the remaining volumes

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Polysemia (Plethora) is the opposite to anaemia. Formerly,

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protrude, but the point of the tongue lay between the clenched teeth.

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ifestations of constitutional disorders ? the following conclusions were re-

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pelvis and prevents to some extent the slipping upward of the head of

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