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Leriche gives an extensive study of the subject, reporting

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have lately had under their consideration the suggestion that

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gradually increasing irritability of temper and restlessness, which disappear

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less regularity. Their surface is rough and dry, and covered with a

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other abdominal injuries associated with it, and the patient's

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assigned weight and trigger level. The six types of

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the amount of blood lost at the periods, but this effect, in many

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the auriculoventricular node, passing upward along the interauricular

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apoplexy — and venesection, sinapisms, &c. were ordered. She lingered

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view of various phenomena connected with immunity. It seems rea-

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" That the most frequent causes of sympathetic ophthalmia

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guiding one. But the acquisition due to modem surgery we owe to one

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tion is by the observation of the results of similar

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article which thoroughly weU illustrates this. Ergot of rye is

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the vagina ; this union of three bands of different tensile

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then, show that both the dress and skin of a person who has received a gun

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hematui-ia would he almost conclusive evidence of the non-existence of chronic

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man the cartilage of the perfect ear is comprised within an


tudes and the other cross series latitudes. At my first operation

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frequent for paralysis of this one nerve to occur without any history»of in-

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The writer has reported cases infected with this parasite from Siam.

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operation was done in the presence of Major, McDonald,

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the advantage of the cystoscope. I mention it briefly only to

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view panels in the manner set forth in this subchapter

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Generally, we hear only '' suppuration of the cornea" spoken of.

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