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    now been replaced in Egypt by the purely Arabic word
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    Epilation practiced after this manner has turned out to
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    tion is specifically for the erection of a building in mem-
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    so-called tendon reflex action is held, the loss of the knee-jerk must be
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    obtain this information from him when he is calmer r We
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    ble, my definition for the term puerperal fever. It
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    period commencing July 1, 188G, and ending June 30, 1888.
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    his obstinate tormenter. When this degree of tenacity has been at-
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    1906 c. — Ricerche sulla Spirocheta pallida nella sifilide ereditaria. [Read before
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    G. Jeercoonee is the name of a mountain, which is given off from
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    to touch, felt firm and as if deeply situated. The skin was not
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    place after the operation. ; June 8ih, the President, Dr. Smith Cun-
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    appeared to us as of special interest are the views propounded
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    health-officer to the revolutionary prisons, and had
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    better to make a free opening into the abscess sac so as to thoroughly
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    discrete or confluent. Indeed, we see patients in whom the symptoms of
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    given but little trouble, and the patient had never worn a truss. Kelotomy
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    ing of the lids and the high degree of the chemosis and
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    to complete sleep, a species of light delirium, from the uncon-
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    favors the elimination of all the waste principles accumulated in
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    ditions of medical societies in our country must long
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    spinning nose dive, and the roll. In the spinning nose dive, or tight
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    injuries to their physical and moral health. So, too, they waste
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    think of the cause of the deformity, but being an optimist, I told them it would
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    joint is dislocated. Much more frequently, however, it is the
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    Myopia, 20, or two per cent. ; myopia and astigmatism,
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    examined, extracted from under the skin, or from about the

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