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tions of a patient in private practice, wish for an exact
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Generally, we hear only '' suppuration of the cornea" spoken of.
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the emotional disturbance became uncontrollable. The
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infected parents are themselves easily infected, directly or
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that at best its presence can afford us only corrobora-
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cal reactions, the very basis of all psychotherapy.
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can be sewed, sometimes not. Cold fomentations, Carbolic lotion
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Berthelot has shown, the mere rearrangement of the elements
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patient died, but, unfortunately, an autopsy could not be ob-
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be confounded with vertigo or with ordinary "funk."" It is incompre-
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and observation, for fruits of humbler growth, but more
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si(m de los dedos do la mano izquierda; amputaciories par-
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the details that go to make up an accurate conception of the
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To us it seems that the separation of these two constituents
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two thousand yards away and shoot the bullet through it, even
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does not reach bej'ond a few inches. In very exceptional instances the
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plored with a sound, especially if the pregnancy has
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but never to hurry the respiration beyond a pleasurable degree.
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granulation tissue which is essentially the same, no matter where formed.
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died without convulsion or croupy breathing; quietly,
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ingly satisfactory. Dr. Randaud tells us that there have been
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with hypophysis substance and by implantation, but the
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than in the face and neck; that there was a trace of
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news to many New Yorkers to learn that there is a third
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Annual Meeting, first Wednesday after the third Monday in May.
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are more vulnerable and lose their vitality sooner than the flexors and
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sion within twenty-four hours, or at least within thirty-six hours after the
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liniment on the back of the neck and the whole length of the
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against the poison. It therefore seems to me that the eflect of the

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