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     Actos Publicos Partido De La Costa

    number of instrumental cases, is the practice of Boer of Vienna.

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    upon his lungs. Had had night sweats before going South, but

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    resulting therefrom. While this is true in a certain

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    of scientific notions as to strychnine poisoning and detec-

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    grenous appendicitis and shortly after his discharge

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    These ureteral isthmuses are of hereditary and mechanical origin, due

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    even after section of the pneumogastric, and must therefore have

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    publish the cases of those in whom the moment for such inter-

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    Fines, sive Pedes Finium : sive Finales Concordle in Curia

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    1 I'n.hihi (Pustule).— A circumscribed elevation of the cuticle, con-

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    enjoying a state of healthful exercise, and performing its func-

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    obliterated, and great protrusion where the wrist should

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    (y) This tract of Mr. Dease's is bound up witli his Observations on Hy-

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    sound enough as to big metrox>olitan hospitals, can-

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    ences in specialty or sex were found among respondents and

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    ()rixiA, C ln II M X 2 O t -f-()IIO, old; new, C 20 H 21 X 2 O 2 .— Is one of

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    until towards the close of the labour, if needed, on

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    places of amusement, the principal stores, and points of inter-

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    In addition to the definite forms of feeblemindedness described

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    to it as a very interesting episode in the history of the treatment

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    April, 1963, issues of the Wisconsin Medical Journal.

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