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    the members of the family gave a positive tuberculous reaction and
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    While waiting in the station, he had a sudden, but short, attack of
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    is liable to stretch, at any time, for four or five mouths.
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    France (who himself survived a severe attack of small-pox),
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    the extension of the haemorrhage in an upward direction ; or it may be
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    had been printed and furnished in large quantities to
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    Another case of interest which we saw among the out-
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    The presence of sugar in the urine, in diabetes, is a prominent and
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    day keep the patient on very low diet, only allowing a
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    to-day. One of its best features is the reflecting end, inclined
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    From 1903 until 1936, Dr. Gilfillan held various ap-
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    selfish girls among whom it is commonly supposed that
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    dase mononuclear cells are a type of the vitally staining histogenous
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    glassy secretion. Death takes place on the fourth day after
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    structed of concrete. Perfect facilities for cleaning, and the whole process can
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    surgically absent and the left fallopian tube appeared
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    3. Wilson, F. N.: The Archives Int. Med., 1915, xvi, 86.
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    ferences were not fruitful of immediate results. The
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    vation or season which affect it." Osier* has it thus : " The
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    seriously interfered with, as the use of tobacco, in the young,
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    2. Of having, subsequently to having passed the First M.B.
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    his own results are from three to eleven per cent, better than Dr. Ban-

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