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    3. s., xiii, 737-740. — liCvy (R. ) Fatal hemorrhage from

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    than 1 ligament, 1 ; confinement after operation and uterus

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    parts behind it ; from enlargement of the lachrymal gland ; or

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    The inean daily range and mean variability afford a

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    well as three of the negro female pellagrins, died during the year of

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    The stage of ripening at which this is done influences the final

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    The anaesthesia is earliest noted over the shin bone and dorsum of the foot. A

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    evidently a neurosis of the pnevmogastric. Preceded as

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    oval, or slightly-curved nucleus. These cells in their general appearance

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    one or more of its divisions. Quite commonly it is accom-

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    fatal cases the sinuses and antrums were exposed with

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    said to suffer from gout. She presented the lesions of

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    respiratory embarrassment during the tonic phase of a generalized fit

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    Poliomyelitis in Devon and Cornwall, 1911. By R. J. Eeece, M.D. ... 59

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    suffered no pain. The diagnosis made by the physician in

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    The President declared that he could not allow this

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    site appears certain, as these organs are frequently

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    It would be millennial, of course, if we could go through life without

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    68. Chloride of Ammonium a Specific in Hepatitis and Hepatic Abscess. Dr.

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    eliminate the excrementitious materials — the pro-

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    upon her side — and wherever rupture of the peri-

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    sides tolerably well-developed growths were obtained.

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    that, having already made up his mind to kill himself, he

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    examinations are an important aid to differential diagnosis

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    not exceed that of the index finger, and the pessary was difficult to

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    ? Crying, indeed, is the strongest evidence, but it is not the only evidence ' : I

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